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DIRECTV Beats DISH Network

If you've decided on satellite TV over cable television, you're still left with a choice to make--should you choose DIRECTV or go with Dish Network? When you compare fees, channel quality, and channel selection, you see that DIRECTV comes out ahead.

Channel Selection

When you are choosing your satellite service, one of the most important facts you'll want to know is what channels are included. DIRECTV knows that you value local channels for news, weather and events. Because of this, local channels are included in every package that DIRECTV offers. If you want your local channels with Dish Network, you have to pay an extra $5 a month.

Of course, it is not just local channels that DIRECTV offers. They also have a number of original programming and exclusive sports that you won't find on Dish. With DIRECTV, you can get over 265 channels. This includes more live sports broadcasts than Dish Network and NFL, NCAA, and NASCAR special programs.

Higher Picture Quality

Both Dish Network and DIRECTV offer 100% digital picture and sound, but only DIRECTV has over 90 channels in high definition. While Dish Network does add new HD channels, they are lagging about one year behind DIRECTV. If watching your shows in high definition is important, you'll want to stick with HD leader DIRECTV.

Activation Fees

DIRECTV doesn't believe in punishing you for being a new customer. You'll need to pay a $49.99 activation fee if you go with Dish Network. DIRECTV will activate your service for free. The monthly prices between the two companies are similar, so not having an activation fee makes DIRECTV the better deal. With DIRECTV, your starting costs will be less.

Though both Dish Network and DIRECTV have advantages over cable television, DIRECTV is the wise satellite choice for sports lovers, deal seekers, HDTV owners, and any customers who want the largest channel selection.

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