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DIRECTV Equipment Options

DIRECTV® Standard Receiver
FREE DIRECTV Standard Equipment
  • FREE Standard Installation7
  • 24 hour customer service
FREE equipment

  • 250GB Storage Capacity
  • Pause, rewind and fast forward
  • FREE Standard Installation7
FREE DVR receiver upgrade**

DIRECTV® HD Receiver
  • Up to 1080i picture resolution
  • Extra programming in HD
  • FREE Standard Installation7
FREE 3 HD receivers upgrade**

Directv DVR-HD Mpeg-4
  • 500GB Storage Capacity
  • Pause, rewind and fast forward
  • Sync with your cell phone or laptop
  • FREE Standard Installation7

Directv DVR-HD Mpeg-4
  • Store over 200 hours of HD programming
  • Store over 800 hours of standard programming
  • Pause, rewind and fast forward
  • Sync with your cell phone or laptop
  • FREE Standard Installation7
FREE HD DVR receiver upgrade**

Satellite TV Equipment — DIRECTV® Receivers

DIRECTV Receivers allow you to enjoy your new satellite TV service in a variety of ways. No matter which package is right for you, all DIRECTV plans use state-of-the-art satellite TV equipment and 100% digital signal!

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Get the Genie™ to record up to five shows at once and watch your recordings in any room of the house with just one HD DVR. Plus, the Genie™ will recommend new shows for you based on what you watch.

Satellite TV equipment and installation made easy with DIRECTV

Find out why DIRECTV is America’s favorite satellite TV provider. Not only do you get the best combination of programming, picture and price, DIRECTV gives you:

  • The most sophisticated satellite TV technology
  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • Professional installation on every piece of DIRECTV equipment
  • A quick tutorial to confidently master your new satellite TV system

Enjoy 100% digital, satellite TV service in standard or High-Definition

Don’t have an HD-capable television? You can enjoy DVR convenience, without HD service with a standard DIRECTV DVR. Your DIRECTV DVR gives you TV on your terms, so you can watch more of what you love, without being subject to simultaneous broadcasts or a busy day. Use your DVR to record it, store it and watch it at your leisure.

DIRECTV delivers the most full-time HD channels, but in order to enjoy DIRECTV HD service, you’ll need a DIRECTV HD Receiver. If you have an HDTV and want the ultimate in digital, crystal-clear quality then look no further. See the sports, movies, and shows you love in the clearest possible picture.

Hook-up your whole home — Now more affordable than ever!

Add a DIRECTV HD DVR and sync your satellite TV system with your cell phone, tablet or laptop, so you’re always in control of your TV lineup. Say “goodbye” to forgot-to-record-that regret and “hello” to a never ending TV arsenal, broadcasting all your favorite shows on your schedule!

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