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FREE DIRECTV DVR Plus That's right, this is the receiver everyone is talking about. Pause, rewind, and fast forward through your recorded programs, Search for and record programs by name, actor/actress, sports team, etc. Automatically record every episode of your favorite shows and more. Standard receivers are always FREE, now upgrade to the latest in Satellite Entertainment Equipment.

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Step through time with the free DIRECTV DVR available through a leading satellite company in the US. We have developed a new, profound addition to the television market by genius strokes. The best thing about all of this is that it is a free offer from our company to your home. What more can a dedicated viewer be? We will place the ability to fast forward, rewind, record, and save any show you want by providing this to you at an unbelievable price. Imagine the shows you can view without paying attention to them. The ability of the free DIRECTV DVR expands more than the mind can conceive. As advanced technologies continue, so will the minds behind this little box’s uniqueness and genius. No other satellite company can explain such dynamic points in such little time, but we feel that the secret must be out.

Our DIRECTV DVR plays a critical role in the viewer’s ability to watch one live feed and record another without switching channels continuously. The usefulness of the DVR has the same power as a search engine within itself – you can search for programs by an actress, actor, or character. How remarkable is that? With the free DIRECTV DVR available, you do not have to pay a high cost to receive high-quality digital visuals while watching your favorite shows such as HBO, Cinemax, and BLACK STARZ! Sit back, relax, and record up to 70 hours of your favorite television for later views. With the DVR, you can detect which shows are a constant re-run and the box will not record the same shows. Save time by choosing the SeasonPass option that records a complete season of your favorite shows by one button.

We have reached a point of ingenuity by providing this free DIRECTV DVR to our customers. Harness the power to choose which channels you want to enjoy at a later time by having the DVR today! Our representatives are ready to assist you in developing a complete package of action-packed excellence through DIRECTV subscriptions. The more we explore the depths of television, the better we can serve you. Through the development of our own free DIRECTV DVR, we have stepped outside of the orbit surrounding other satellite companies. Be a part of the new revolution of crisp, clear visuals and incredible satellite shows available through DIRECTV today!