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Directv DVR-HD Mpeg-4 Technology at work for YOU! This is the new HD-DVR that is mpeg-4 compatible, which means more bandwidth and more programming capability.

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HD DVR with Mpeg-4

The new wave of advanced technology is knocking on your door! DIRECTV presents the high definition (HD) DVR with MPEG-4 available through our company. We have just reached the epitome of success by providing our customers with the most incredible technology. Are you in search of the newest, high-tech television with simple installation? Our new HD DVR with MPEG-4 excels each television in the market! No other company has such technologies available through their products.

DIRECTV has proven its integrity through the reliance and capabilities of its new HD DVR with MPEG-4 because we love to remain ahead in the new technology developments. The high-tech evaluations of this television are only a scratch on the surface – guess what else is in store? We can not share all of the secrets, but we are willing to give you a glimpse of what our HD DVR with MPEG-4 can provide through a simple installation. The increased bandwidth and resolution shatters any competitors’ visuals by a mile. The choices do not end here, imagine what you can do with a 480i, 480p, 720p, or 1080i resolution formats? How will you feel if we included Dolby Digital 5.1 digital optical audio outputs? With this, you will have everything you ever wanted within the lengths of your living rooms. No more Sunday football on a flimsy screen or shadowy effect. No more blurry visuals or indescribable channels.

No more ‘I wish I could see this’. DIRECTV’s HD DVR with MPEG-4 places you in the midst of all the action. If the drama on Cinemax captures your eye, you will feel as if you were there with every character on the screen. The high resolutions provide you with more than enough crispness that it will make you feel as if you are riding a horse in your favorite cowboy movies. With this, you have no choice but to keep your eyes open and your ears wide to the action. Once again, DIRECTV has proven itself the best of the best in customer service and new product developments through the HD DVR with MPEG-4 now available. At DIRECTV, we pride ourselves by distinguishing the way we develop outstanding products to suit our customers’ wants. The premium packages are only a simple accessory to the complete uniqueness of the HD DVR with MPEG-4. The high-resolution will make you wonder why you would ever choose anything else.