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FREE Satellite Dish TV Installation in up to 4 Rooms — Call Now!

DIRECTV customers are happy customers, from start to finish — and that starts with installation. A certified installer will connect your entire DIRECTV satellite dish TV system in up to 4 rooms, for absolutely FREE!7

Talk to a satellite TV expert today, so you won’t wind up stuck on hold or wondering the whereabouts your installer on installation day. All DIRECTV systems are installed by a certified professional, with the expertise and know-how to properly set-up your satellite dish TV equipment and show you how to use it.

Step 1 — Select your Satellite TV package

DIRECTV delivers the best mix of sports, movies and more. Simply pick the package that bests meets your viewing needs.

And remember, you can always add more premium movie channels or exclusive sports extras — including NFL SUNDAY TICKET5, for fan-favorite action you won’t find elsewhere!

Step 2 — Place Your Order. Call 1-866-264-8697.

Place your order and schedule your DIRECTV installation in one fell swoop. Getting started is simple. A trained professional help you find the perfect satellite TV package and will assist in scheduling a satellite TV installation at your earliest possible convenience.

Step 3 — Sit Back and Let Your Satellite TV Installer Do the Work

All you have to do is be present at the scheduled time on your installation date. Your certified installer will handle the rest. No equipment to buy or payment necessary!

Satellite TV Installation — FAQs

Q: I plan on moving in a few months. Do I need to wait to order DIRECTV?

DIRECTV® MOVERS CONNECTION makes moving easy. DIRECTV will do all the heavy lifting, including setting up a new satellite dish TV antenna. Just pack your DVR and/or satellite TV receivers, just as you would a game console or DVD player, along with your remote control and any other smaller equipment. Provide your new address and expected move-in date in advance and an installer will meet you there.

Q: What constitutes standard installation?

DIRECTV Standard Installation7 is absolutely FREE in up to 4 rooms. As a part of DIRECTV’s Standard Satellite TV Installation process, your certified installer will:

  • Mount a Satellite dish TV antenna to your on your roof or another location
  • Optimize your satellite antenna towards the southern sky for the best possible signal
  • Drill through up to one wall
  • Connect your DIRECTV receiver to your current TV equipment
  • Give you a brief tutorial on how to operate your new satellite TV system
  • Activate your DIRECTV service

Installers will only use DIRECTV approved materials and equipment. A phone line connection is required. Custom or complex installations, such as special requests, may cost extra.

Q: Does it matter if I own my home or rent?

Both homeowners and renters can order satellite TV service from DIRECTV. If you rent your current residence, you simply have to print and sign an installation permission form and provide it to your installer on installation day. Satellite TV installation is common and most landlords and leasing offices are very adept at dealing with satellite TV installation requests.